How To: Pan Baste Any Food to Add Moisture and Flavor

Pan Baste Any Food to Add Moisture and Flavor

From Thanksgiving turkeys to grilled chicken, basting helps add incomparable moisture, tenderness, and flavor to any dish. So if you've never basted before and would like to experience the oily awesomeness that is basted food, check out this food video for a tutorial using chicken and melted butter as an example.

Basting is a technique with a number of applications. Loosely, it's a means of moistening, flavoring, and adding texture to foods by spooning melted fat, sauce or cooking juices over them while they cook. It has a number of applications—it can be used when roasting, cooking in a rotisserie, broiling, grilling, and pan-frying foods, and of course the familiar Thanksgiving turkey baste.

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