How To: Make a super fast Mexican meat & cheese dip with Betty

Make a super fast Mexican meat & cheese dip with Betty

Looking for a cool new party dip? Try Betty's super fast Mexican style meat and cheese dip! It goes great poured over food or with tortilla chips! No party is complete without the dip, so why not spice it up and go Mexican?
You Will Need:
*1/2 pound lean ground beef 1/4 pound ground pork sausage (I use sage flavored.)
*1 pound cheese spread, cut into cubes (I used Velveeta.)
*1 cup salsa from a jar (I used mild.) *fresh minced cilantro for topping (optional)
*restaurant-style tortilla chips for dipping

Step 1: Prepare
In a large, deep skillet, brown the 1/2 pound ground beef with the 1/4 pound ground sausage.
Pour off any excess fat.
Add 1 pound of cheese spread, cut into cubes, and 1 cup salsa.

Step 2: Cook
Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until cheese melts. Use kitchen shears to mince some fresh cilantro over the top, if desired.
Serve immediately with tortilla chips for dipping! This couldn't be faster, easier, or tastier!!!

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