How To: Make a steak sauce with only 8 ingredients

Make a steak sauce with only 8 ingredients

Are you looking for the perfect Steak sauce but don't feel like using a lot of ingredients? Chef Jason Hill knows how to make a delicious bourbon steak sauce using just 8 ingredients. In this episode of Chef Tips, chef Jason will be showing you how to make the sauce as well as what type of ingredients will be needed to make it taste great. It is one of the easiest kinds of steak sauces to make and is also said to be one of the tastiest as well.

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My steak sauce only takes 3 ingredients.

Ketchup, Soy Sauce, & Tabasco Sauce.

Have no idea of the ratios (sorry) but I thoroughly mix 'some' soy sauce into a larger portion of ketchup. I then add Tabasco to taste.


Learned this from my Chinese mother-in-law. She doesn't measure either. ;)

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