How To: Make raw garlic and chilli infused olive oil

Make raw garlic and chilli infused olive oil

Luci Lock shows you how to avoid the heavy price tag and unhealthy processing of commercial flavored olive oils. You'll love this simple and delicious recipe for garlic chili olive oil.

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I tried this and found that a whole head of garlic for a 1L bottle of oil wasn't enough for my garlic hungry palate's taste (another half head would do it), although a whole red chilli (unseeded) was just about sufficient to deliver a subtle, though not overpowering, kick. I followed the recipe to the letter and made sure that the garlic, although almost golden, didn't catch. The oil cleared straight away (it didn't on a previous attempt using a different recipe) and was a good, slightly darker colour than the original, which was a budget brand from a reputable retailer: I tend to use this as a base rather than in dressings, but it would I'm sure be perfectly acceptable drizzled over salad or bruschetta either alone or in company with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Fans of rosemary might like to add some of this to the mix but, for me, that would over complicate the flavour and limit the oil's potential uses. If you're attempting this for the first time, it would be wise to make sure that you have sterilised bottles and a funnel of the correct size ready when it's time to pour. I didn't, but jury rigged a solution using the top of an empty 2L plastic pop bottle and some gaffer tape to hold it in place, with predictably disastrous (though not fatal) consequences. Would I use the recipe again? Yes, but with more garlic and better preparation (my bad). Were the instructions sufficient and clear? Again, yes. Enjoy!

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