How To: Make mushroom creme with ricotta mousse

Make mushroom creme with ricotta mousse

Today's recipe comes from the Italian region of Piedmont and the restaurant L´Ostu dij Baloss in Saluzzo. Follow along with this how-to video cooking lesson to learn how to make mushroom creme with ricotta mousse.

Ingredients for mushroom creme with ricotta mousse (serves four):
300 g. porcinni mushrooms
1 large potato
1 onion
150 g. ricotta cheese
½ glass Marsala (Italian dessert wine)
a few sprigs of parsley
1 bouquet garni (see preparation below)
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil
1 liter vegetable stock from carotts, onion and celery and a pinch of salt

Bouquet Garni:
Wrap sprigs of thyme, sage and rosemary in a bay leaf. Insert into a garlic clove.

Mushroom creme with Ricotta Mousse:
First finely chop vegetables.
Then heat olive oil and sauté onions and bouquet garni for two minutes.
Add most of the mushrooms and the finely chopped potatoes then sauté for an additional three to four minutes.
Add salt and pepper to taste, add marsala wine, stir a few times.
Add vegetable stock and allow to simmer on medium heat for an additional 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Purée everything. Briefly sauté remaining mushrooms in frying pan.
Use two spoons to form ricotta bowl, add soup.
Garnish with sauteed mushrooms and parsley. Enjoy!

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