How To: Make homemade Southern pimento butter using heavy cream

Make homemade Southern pimento butter using heavy cream

Thanksgiving is coming up within a matter of weeks, which means soon enough you'll be gobbling down truckloads of turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and stuffing. Not to mention copious amounts of butter, which is used to add flavor to nearly every dish.

So given that you'll be employing lots of butter, don't just purchase the processed kind at the supermarket. Make your own - and make it tangy - by preparing this Southern pimento butter.

Lisa makes homemade butter for Paula Deen! Looking for something new and impressive to bring to Thanksgiving dinner? In this episode of Funny Side Up, Lisa uses fresh and local heavy cream to whip up a batch of butter...and to make it extra-special for Paula, she creates "pimento butter," inspired by the traditional Southern snack - "pimento cheese."

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