How To: Make Ghee from unsalted butter

Make Ghee from unsalted butter

In this video Hetal and Anuja are demonstrating how Ghee (clarified Butter) can be made out of unsalted butter. Ghee is a very important ingredient in Indian cooking. Also, since its smoking point is higher than butter, it does not burn very fast as butter does. To make ghee you have to take unsalted butter and heat it in a heavy bottom pan on a low flame. Keep stirring it so that the milk solids do not get burnt at the bottom of the pan. After about 20 minutes the butter is completely melted and you can see some foam on top. Once the butter has got the light brown color turn off the heat. To remove the foam just put one teaspoon of water on it and the foam will disappear. Once the butter is a bit cooled off, pour it in a container using strainer. Don't scratch from the bottom of the pan as it is milk solids which is not required for ghee. This is how you can make home made pure ghee. It can be kept outside for a month or so. For longer duration, you can refrigerate it.

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