How To: Make creme fraiche (sour cream) with two recipes

Make creme fraiche (sour cream) with two recipes

Sour cream makes just about anything taste good. What would baked potatoes be without it, or tortillas for that matter? We personally cannot live without this creamy, fluffy, sour confection.

But purchasing sour cream at the store isn't the healthiest thing you can do, nor does it offer that special homemade taste that only comes from sour creams that are, well, homemade. To learn how to make your own sour cream, check out this video.

Knowing how to make sour cream can be an important skill if you live in a country where the product is unavailable or differs significantly from the dairy topping you are used to having available. Using either of these two sour cream recipes, you can make sour cream at home.

You can also turn sour cream into flavorful sauces, dips and dressings with a few simple recipe variations. With simple substitutions, you can also make your own sour cream non-fat or low-fat.

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