How To: Make coconut-ginger chutney

Make coconut-ginger chutney

Chutney is always at hit when eating Indian food. It goes with practically anything. Use it as a naan dip, a samosa sauce, or anything else. You can really put chutneys on anything! See how to make this coconut-ginger chutney recipe.

Ranveer Brar blends green chile peppers, fresh coconut, ginger, pungent herbs and spices into an incredibly flavorful and aromatic sauce. Hard to believe raw ingredients can create this light and healthy chutney. It's a perfect accompaniment to rice dishes, samosas, naan or Ranveer's Masala Dosa.


* 4 small chile peppers (such as Thai bird)
* 10 fresh curry leaves
* ½ cup cilantro leaves
* 1 cup fresh coconut, off the shell, cut into 2" pieces (If the skin can be removed it is preferable, but it can be a difficult task); or use frozen grated coconut
* 3" piece of fresh ginger, cut into 1" slices
* 14 oz can of coconut milk
* 1 tsp lemon juice
* ½ tsp salt

Coconut Oil-Ginger-Mustard Seed Mixture

* 2 tbsp whole mustard seeds
* 2 tbsp coconut oil
* 1 tsp ginger, minced

Special Equipment

* blender


Prepare Coconut Oil-Ginger-Mustard Seed Mixture

1. In a small, sauté pan or sauce pan over medium-high heat, add coconut oil, and heat until the oil looks rippled
2. Add minced ginger and mustard seeds. Turn off and remove from heat
3. Set aside and let cool

Blend Chutney & Add Coconut Oil-Ginger-Mustard Seed Mixture

1. In a blender, add all remaining ingredients. Blend 3-4 minutes until almost pureed. Remove to a bowl, and stir in the coconut oil-ginger-mustard seed mixture
2. Serve with dosas, samosas or naan

Note: Sauce will stay fresh 1-2 days in the refrigerator.

Make coconut-ginger chutney

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