How To: Make butter

Make butter

This video demonstrates two different ways to make delicious butter.

For the first method, take some whipping cream and whisk in a couple of scoops of plain yogurt. That’s all there is to it. Then let it sit unrefrigerated for six to eight hours. The yogurt culture will grow in the cream and add delicious flavor to the butter.

For the more traditional method, put the whipping cream into the food processor, turn it on and let it run for about five minutes until it turns into butter. Then it needs to be poured through a sieve to separate the butter from the buttermilk. Leaving the buttermilk in will cause the butter to go rancid very quickly. Put the butter into a bowl and gently stir it; then pour off any remaining buttermilk.

Finally, pour in some ice cold water, stir, and pour it out. You can add salt at this point if you want.

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