How To: De-fat turkey stock

De-fat turkey stock

De-fatting turkey stock is very easy. All you need to do is use a specially made measuring cup that is made to de-fat stocks. Take the pan juices and the pre-made turkey stock and pour it into the measuring cup. When you pour the stock or pan juice into the measuring cup the fat will rise to the top of the cup because it is lighter When you pour the stock out of the measuring cup, the stock will come out, and the fat will stay in the cup. If you don't want to get a specially made measuring cup you can put it in a regular measuring cup and take a ladle to stir the stock in circles and the fat will move to the edge of the cup. Then all you do is scoop the fat out of the cup. Once you have taken out all you can get with the ladle take a paper towel and lay it on the surface of the stock. The paper towel will soak up all the fat that is left on top of the stock. So now you have some nice de-fatted turkey stock.

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